Online lectures from ITA and IAAC

As a follow-up to the last post which talked about SimAUD and it’s going online, today I wanted to mention some other online resources that might also be of interest to people during these times.

The Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA) at ETH Zurich is one of many institutions that have moved their public lectures online and have made them available for anyone to watch.


So far I’ve watched a couple of them live, the second one being by my friend and former colleague, Matt Jezyk, who is now spearheading Tesla’s efforts to streamline gigafactory design using techniques such as generative design. It’s a very interesting lecture that actually includes references to a lot of work that was done during Matt’s time at Autodesk. It was awesome to see both Space Analysis…

Space Analysis

… and Project Dasher get mentioned:


Here’s the video:

ITA is far from being the only institution to do this – the pickings out there are rich!

I also received an email from the Institute for…

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