Substitute line styles | parametricmonkey

In Revit, line styles indicate different effects, such as a dashed or hidden line. Inevitably throughout a project, unwanted line styles will accumulate in the model. This accumulation is typically due to team members, not following standards. To ensure graphical consistency and easier management, BIM managers will generally want to consolidate line styles to the bare minimum. 

While it is easy to delete a line style, Revit will not warn you that the line style is in use. Nor will it offer you the option of substituting the line style for another. Deleting the line style will convert all model or detail lines using that style to the default <Lines> line style and make re-assigning an element’s line style very difficult. 

To solve this problem, Parametric Monkey has developed a custom Dynamo graph that substitutes a model or detail line’s line style for another. The graph, which is available as part of our Dynamo Package Development service, can be run within…

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