1st Excellence Seminar – Day 2

The 1st Excellence Seminar will introduce the BIMe Initiative Community, the 130+ volunteers from 40+ countries working together to deliver useful resources and open-access tools for all to freely use!

You will learn about our volunteer researchers – professors, professionals, and students alike – working on interconnected BIM Excellence projects to encourage process innovation and meaningful digital transformation. You will hear from our supporters and learn more about our ambitious plans to help individuals, organizations, and policymakers across languages, disciplines, and borders.


The Seminar is over 3 days (2 hours every day at 11:00-13:00 UTC) and will be streamed live here on YouTube and the BIMe Initiative’s Facebook page:

Day 1 YouTube link is: https://bit.ly/Seminar-Day1
Day 2 YouTube link is: https://bit.ly/Seminar-Day2 (you’re here)
Day 3 YouTube link is: https://bit.ly/Seminar-Day3

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A detailed programme about the 3-day event is provided here:

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We are looking forward to sharing the Community’s work with you!