Analysis of Slanted Walls in Revit 2021

Any new modelling feature in Revit is welcome.  Although I have seldom needed to slant walls in a Revit model, it something that people occasionally want to do.  Now that you can easily slant walls in Revit 2021, we can expect to see a huge number of very scary looking buildings going up around the world (and hopefully not falling down).  Builders and structural engineers will probably be cursing Autodesk for years to come for this new feature!

For the first time in many years I did not do any beta testing of this “Shiny new feature” of Revit – so I do not yet know of its limitations or benefits.  I decided to do some very simple testing to see what the software engineers came up with.  Here are my preliminary findings:

Slanted Wall Angles

Once you place a wall in Revit 2021, it has a new property:

  • “Cross-Section” – this will be set to “Vertical”

Change the property to “Slanted” and it enables another new property:

  • Angle From Vertical
  • The angle will initially be set to zero

In a…

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