Bluebeam Revu Scalable Tool Sets


Bluebeam® Revu® is a PDF redlining software designed for the AEC industry. The ability to markup a PDF has never been easier with tools like the textbox, cloud+, and highlighter. For those markups that tend to show up on every project, Revu has the tool chest that will house these repetitive markups. It is common to separate these common markups into individual Tool Sets inside of the Tool Chest. These toolsets can be created based on discipline of the markup, or even by what phase the markup is being placed.

But what happens when you need to markup a PDF and that markup must be to scale? Maybe the turn radius of an ADA bathroom or maybe a 5-foot desk? Since the original PDF could be at any scale, if it is set to an industry standard scale, one might need to have the ADA turn radius drawn at every scale and then added to the toolset(s)Revu allows…

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