Callout Reference Label in Revit

Managing the Callout Reference Label in Revit is a total pain as well as being counter-intuitive:

Revit likes to add the reference label to your callouts – typically it reads “Sim” for Similar (in the Australian Revit template – not sure about other countries).

  • Revit Automatically shows the label when you use ‘Reference Other View’ but not on Real Callouts

Unfortunately it is not possible to control the visibility (or wording) of this label on an instance basis:

  • The reference label is a Type property of the view
  • What this means is that if you use my proposed method of making all Callouts by ‘Reference Other View’, you will always get the “Sim” label – even if you only have one instance of the callout.
  • You can simply remove the reference from the type property of the view – but then you would never get the reference label at all, in any situation.
  • The problem here is that the ‘Reference Label’ property belongs to the original view that you are referring to – if you change the property it…

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