Managing data flow to and from Generative Design studies in Revit 2021

I was inspired to write this post by a chat I had with Zachary Kron, earlier in the week. I’d been noodling on how best to support a workflow where users of the Generative Design feature in Revit 2021 can select specific solutions in a study and do something with them.

The specific use-case was around some functionality I’d prototyped back during the days of Project Refinery, where while exploring the results created during a generative study you could double-click individual designs – whether in the scatterplot or the design grid – which would add them to a graphical dashboard to be used for stakeholder communication. This was (in my ever-humble opinion) super-cool, but remained an exploration rather than making it into a fully fledged feature.

When thinking about how it might be possible to get a workflow such as this functioning with Revit 2021, I speculated that some kind of event – or even something more kludgey such as placing the selected design ID in the…

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