Racism – Through the Interface

Today is a company-wide holiday at Autodesk, so I’m not going to blog about work.

I will say this, though: the fact the company has recognized people are working longer hours and are starting to feel “Zoomed out” – and is trying to help manage this by giving everyone two Fridays off in June – is outstanding. I’ve been greatly impressed by the humanity and compassion shown by our leadership during these times.

Anyway, on to the topic for the day. This isn’t an easy topic for me to write about – I’m much happier dealing with things related to work and technology, trust me – but recent events have sickened me to the point that I feel the need to break my usual rule of avoiding posting about deeply personal topics.

Some of you may have listened to one or other of the podcasts that I’ve participated in, recently. The first recorded was back in March for Archgyan, while the second was recorded in May for Getting Simple. In both of these I refer to my Indian…

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