Revit 2021 New Feature: Void Visibility Control


Revit 2021 has several new features and enhancements. There’s one specific feature that makes dealing with voids much easier. This feature is the ability to control the visibility of a void in a family the same way we can control solid geometry. If you have had issues in the past trying to control a void or voids in families to cut, or not to cut solids, this is the perfect trick to add to your arsenal.


Before Revit 2021, controlling voids in the families’ geometry was very challenging, especially, when setting them up to cut, or not to cut a solid, or the host, all in the same family. An example of this is with a family that could be surface mounted or recessed, in which the manufacturer’s specs would call for the same model being able to be installed either way, so we needed to come up with “creative” ways to allow a void to cut the host when it was recessed and not to, when it was surface…

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