Revit 2021 Tutorial – Structural Data Extraction Part 2

In part two of this tutorial we will look at utilising the MS Excel workbook that was exported from Revit 2021 in Part 1. If you did not work through part one of the tutorial, here is the link:

The primary part of this tutorial will be looking at Microsoft Power BI and importing the MS Excel workbook. Obviously, you can present the data directly in MS Excel by using the inbuilt tables but Microsoft Power BI has better tools for presentation and data visualisations and allows data tables to be referenced to each other via unique keys. Another advantage is that the dashboard can be shared via a weblink to anyone that wants to consume the data.

Just as a quick recap, when exporting Revit model data via ODBC, Revit creates a data table for each model category. Additionally, the tables are differentiated by instance and type.

In the image below you can see the worksheet for the…

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