RevitCat: Installing Revit 2021 – more Space Junk

Here follows an update for some of the changes in v2021:

Download and Extraction

The download file size is much the same as last year 15.7Gb – all sorts of useless stuff along with the small amount that I actually need for Revit itself!

The download/extraction process still needs 45Gb+ of free space on your hard disk – a challenge for me with a SSD of only 208Gb.   I forgot to read my notes from last year – the extraction process failed again as it needed just a bit more than 29Gb I had free after the download (15.7 + 29 = 44.7Gb total free).


Having completed the extraction process (by double clicking on the first downloaded file), it gave me an error message saying that it could not proceed with the install.  Well, that was fortunate because I don’t want it to go straight from Extraction to Install – I see those as separate processes anyway.

The first step is to move the 7 downloaded files to safe place – off your hard disk to free up 15.7 Gb.  It is curious that the…

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