Separating Compound Families using Dynamo

It’s been quite a long time for me to use Revit.

When I started to use it, I always had a question that why I can’t separate walls and floors from multiple layers in Revit.
Because, as an architect, I wanted to use singular compounded wall or floor families for schematic design, then change them as separated ones for D.D and C.D phase.

After start to use Dynamo. I just thought it’s possible. So I tried to create a code for the job. I’m not sure it’s as useful as my thought. but worth to try.

After created code for Walls above, I created another code for Floors here.
It was a little more complicated than Wall case, but it was possible as well.
I include a python code I wrote which returns multiple polycurves from not organized list of curves for them as below image.
I hope the code helps you in similar situation.
You can make your own code or You can Download my works here for a coffee.

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