Visual clustering is now live in Dasher

I have a quick update to share on Dasher, today: I’ve just pushed live a version to the main Dasher site that enables a core Forge viewer extension to perform visual clustering of model contents.

I talked about this back at the beginning of the year, but there was a core change needed to the Forge viewer to make it work for Dasher: specific details are in the blog post I just linked to, but it relates to the fact we rely on the Navisworks format for our models, and these have a different property structure when loaded through Forge. Passing in a “searchAncestors” option as true when you load the extension will allow it to work with models published to NWC, for Forge developers interested in doing so.

I’m proud to say it’s a little piece of my code that allows this feature to work with Navisworks models. Many thanks to Henrik Buchholz for his help guiding me through the process of getting a code submission accepted in the Forge viewer (my first!) as well as to the rest…

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