I distinctly remember, as a student (50 years ago  😕) thinking about the kind of living space I would create for myself. It was something like a shed, with spaces & tools for music, painting, model making, a drawing board, maybe bicycle repair.  Lock down has pushed my apartment somewhat in that direction.   It started with the home office, arranging all my digital devices.  I have my exercise bike and musical stuff arrayed around the bedroom.  Then, the week before last, I cobbled together my own little artist’s studio. 



There are two parts to this post.  I bought some plasticine and modelling tools last year after returning from the UK where I met several skilled artisans: master plasterers, stone masons, sculptors.  Plasticine may seem a bit puny, but I just wanted to make a start at doing something a bit more physical … something that would act as a foil to the digital world that I have embraced.  I attempted a few bits and pieces soon after that, but never really…

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