A Swiss staycation – Through the Interface

I’m just back from a proper two-week break from work. I say “proper” because it’s rare that I manage to disconnect completely from meetings and email, but given the increased mental load of being attached to Zoom over the last several months, it really felt like a good time to force the break.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything travel-related – I did so much more of our big trip of a few years ago, of course – but given the fact many people aren’t travelling much, at the moment, I thought I’d share what we’ve done to help people envision a future where we’ll all be able to travel once again. It’s definitely not my intention to frustrate people, so if you’re not in the mood to see photos of someone’s holiday, please do skip this post.

Our original plan for these two weeks was a great one: we’d been invited by some friends of ours to visit Kosovo with them (that’s where they’re from originally). It’s about a 20-hour drive from our…

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