Analysis of Slanted Walls with Rooms in Revit 2021

Room Enclosure

The first thing to study with slanted walls is how they behave when enclosing room elements.

  • With a normal wall, when you raise the base offset above the base constraint level, you may get this warning:
    • Room is not in a properly enclosed region
  • This does depend on the computation height of the room see below)
  • Note that if the new wall property “Cross-Section” is set to “Slanted”, this does not happen (even when the wall angle is set to zero (effectively a vertical wall):

I have no idea if this was intentional in the design of the new slanted wall feature?  However it is now inconsistent with vertical wall behaviour.

This may be good or bad:

  • Bad – it is inconsistent behaviour.  Another exception to the rule to learn
  • Good – this gives us a new workaround for when you need to raise wall base heights but cannot change the computation height for rooms.

NB. Just to complicate this issue, this behaviour only occurs when the Volume Computation settings are by “Areas only”

  • If you…

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