Autodesk Research is hiring experienced software developers and designers!

These days I belong to the Research Engineering team at Autodesk, headed by Tony Ruto. (Tony joined Autodesk with the acquisition of Within Technologies, back at the end of 2014, where he was CTO.)

Tony’s team is a shared resource for the various “Core Science” and “Industry Futures” teams within Autodesk Research: we help develop prototypes and platform capabilities that are used elsewhere in the organisation, and also have members of our team embedded within these other teams.

Now Hiring

The team is growing, which is quite exciting: there are a number of open positions that I’d encourage you to share or apply for:

The big news is that the first two positions in this list are in my immediate team. Yes, I’m going back to the Dark Side, having been asked to head up the “Convergence Engineering” team within Tony’s org: with the increase in his team size, Tony had to put a new management structure in place. As I’d already managed teams at Autodesk, I was asked to squirt a…

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