Dynamo 2.7 Migrating MaRS to CPython3

After being teased with some graphics improvements coming in Dynamo, I was excited to find on returning from my recent holiday to find a new release of Dynamo Sandbox was available for testing. There are a number of notable features available in Dynamo 2.7, whether the ability to run CPython3 code – rather than using IronPython, which is based on Python2 – or improved graphics preview performance thanks to an upgrade to Helix.

I started by just loading v2 of the MaRS graph, without changing any of the code blocks to use CPython. Straightaway I found that the graphics performance when zooming and panning was improved when compared with earlier versions of Dynamo, so I was immediately sold on the upgrade. Here’s a little zooming and panning of the MaRS graph’s graphical output. It’s still slow to navigate the node view, but this is a helpful improvement for the graphics preview.

Zoom and pan

For fun I started fooling around with changing the various Python nodes to use CPython3…

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