Revit Slab Depression | Applying Technology to Architecture

It is common to have depressed areas of a concrete floor slab of a building and you want to be able to represent this accurately in a Revit model.  This may be in the middle area of a large floor slab as a containment area or the edge of a floor slab under an overhead door.  Either way, a portion of the floor is lower than the surrounding floor.

Note this article is for a completely depressed area and not one where the edges are the same level and then sloping, as if to a drain.  In those situations, the Shape Editing tools can be used on the floor. 

The key to this process is to create separate Floors.

The Process

  • Using the Floor: Architectural  command on the Building panel of the Architecture tab, sketch the outline of the floor.
    • For recessed slab areas fully inside the floor slab, draw closed outlines for those interior areas.  This will make a void space in the floor.
  • Repeat the Floor: Architectural command to create a new floor in the interior void space.  Create…

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