14 Beginner Tips To Create A Floor Plan In Revit

Recently, a friend was trying to convince me that Revit was a terrible tool to quickly draw a floor plan. In his opinion, you should use AutoCAD to draw the conceptual plan and only switch to Revit when you are ready for construction documents. Obviously, I strongly disagreed with him. I decided to create a guide that shows the best way to quickly create a floor plan. In this post, we might not follow the BIM best practices or create a fancy 3D model. The goal is to produce good looking floor plans.

We have prepared a simple template that you can use to create your own floor plan. It contains wall compositions, view templates and components to help you out. You have everything you need to complete the floor plan of a house. You will find all these components in the view called 02-LEVEL 1.

You will also find…

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