It’s November 2012 and I’m all pumped from winning the Parametric Pumpkin Competition for the second time.  That was my Arcimboldo style witch’s head … assembled from vegetables.  Zach Kron, who came up with that competition asked me to do a session on Vasari Talks, a series he was doing with Lilli Smith.  Remember Vasari?  I used it a few times.  The built in solar diagrams and wind animation were useful. 

They asked me to do a demo of the “wig-hat” which was the witch’s hair, assembled as a repeater using spring onions … was it a repeater?  Seems like the recording of my talk is no longer available on that link. 

After the demo, I showed a few images of other things I had done using the principle learned while making vegetables.  I wanted to assure people that my explorations were relevant to the “day-job” world of Architecture & Construction.  This is where I first developed my early concept model of Oscar Niemeyer’s Brasilia Cathedral: fully parametric,…

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