Congratulations to AEC Hackathon Teams

AEC Hackathon

Recently, over the course of two weeks there has been the AEC hackathon that for the first time after over AEC industry hackathon just had to resort to go in digital since we cant meet in person safely. There were many teams from around the world competing in this global event and many presentations over the course of the two weeks with the final presentations and and the awards held on July 26th. It has been an absolute honor to take part in this as a mentor and I look forward when we can all be together and share and hacking our AEC silos and technology. They are already planning for the next one in October.

Hackathons and innovation sprints are a great innovative method to explore ideas internally in you company or in industry groups and find solutions to the tough problems that you may not be able to solve in normal process or teams. They provide the space to explore, try things, and collaborate with others they may not normally get the chance to expanding their perspectives,…

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