Displaying a 2D heatmap when surface shading inside Dasher

A week or two ago, I had a meeting with some colleagues to discuss future needs for Project Dasher. One of these requirements related to an exhibit where we’re going to want to ignore all the 3D visualization of sensor data, and focus on the 2D case (I.e. where we shade a 2D floorplan with the sensor values).

When this came up I thought to myself “oh, this could be a good driver for us implementing a 2D workflow inside Dasher”, something I’ve chewed on in the past. This time around, I started off thinking about whether to use a 2D floorplan published via Revit through Forge, but decided to use an existing mechanism where we determine an approximate floorplan based on room volumes. (Part of the reasoning was flexibility – we want to be able to uses these graphics elsewhere, perhaps without the Forge viewer – but also because we don’t necessarily want to force people to generate 2D sheets: if we can determine a rough floorplan from existing information, then…

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