Dreaming of AU and Forge Accelerators

This has been a strange week, at least in terms of dreams. I mentioned earlier in the week (on Twitter and LinkedIn) that I’d had a dream about Autodesk University where I was only partially present: I was running between meetings while everyone else was having fun attending sessions and hanging out at social events. I also noted this wasn’t so very different from reality (at least the way I perceive it), but that’s just me playing the victim. I love AU even if it’s always a bit hectic.

I have a feeling this dream was probably triggered by last week’s class acceptance email, which means I’ll certainly be participating in this year’s all-digital AU in some capacity (and hope to do more, too).

AU 2020 acceptance

Last night I had an even stranger dream: I was late for dinner with some childhood friends – mainly because I was killing time by snowboarding, go figure – and when I eventually turned up, apologising profusely, I realised it was also the celebration dinner for a Forge…

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