This one dates back 2 years to a discussion on the Volterra WhatsApp group.  I had met Mark Dietrick for the first time a couple of months earlier, in Tuscany at the Reality Capture workshop he was instrumental in organizing.  I don’t remember just what input he was asking for and what my contribution was, but I did a small exercise to illustrate a method which I will attribute to both of us.

This is also in response to a video that Paul Aubin posted with a cute little method for “faking” a legend for colour-coded furniture plans (or any other category)

There are two parts to the method.  The second part involves sorting room types into rows so their areas can be totaled.  I think that was Mark’s concept, but my memory is a bit hazy.  Anyway, I will come back to that.  The first part is a way of doing a “legend” for a coloured room plan that incorporates a column for areas.

The “legend” is actually a schedule.  Column 1 is the built-in Imageparameter that was added…

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