Project Dasher at Kingspans IKON building

A nice article was published recently on Redshift regarding Kingspan’s new IKON building. The article focuses particularly on describing how IKON furthers Kingspan’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. In this post I thought we’d look in a bit more detail at how Autodesk Research has been involved in the IKON project, specifically regarding the deployment of sensor and camera technology to help create a digital twin of IKON inside Project Dasher.

IKON is Kingspan’s new headquarters and global innovation centre at Kingscourt in County Cavan, Ireland. Here’s an introductory video that talks about this project and shows a flash of Project Dasher towards the end:

Autodesk Research originally started talking to Kingspan at Autodesk University 2018: they had seen the work we had presented from the MX3D project – specifically the skeleton display we put in place for Dutch Design Week in 2018 – and were keen to engage with us on IKON. We were immediately…

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