Specifying Formulas for Revit Angles

This article is a quick easy tip for specifying a slope for a line instead of only specifying the angle.  When placing roofs, floors, ceilings, pipes, etc, you have the option for specifying the actual slope, but this option is not available in other situations.

This function is especially helpful with drafting views and similar type situations when the angle of an element needs to be modified.  Since angles cannot be typed/specified when drawing an element, angles are commonly modified after element placement.

Depending on the equation that you enter, you can get a riser/run slope or a percentage slope.  (The angle will still be displayed.)

The following example will change a line to be the required angle for a desired slope.

  • Highlight the desired line.
  • Highlight the displayed angle value.
  • Type the desired slope in the following format to get the appropriate angle for the desired Rise/Run.
    • =ATAN(Rise/Run)
    • ie. =ATAN(3/12)
    • (Don’t forget the equal sign.)
    • This will…

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