When I talk about modular Revit families, I usually mean a system of nested components with consistent sets of parameters that can be “mixed and matched” to create a large variety of combinations.  For several years now, I have been using this approach for doors. 

The great thing about this, is that the system evolves over time.  This weekend I decided to expand its ability to handle doorways with arched heads.  Half-round heads are easy because of the way semi-circles “snap into place” in Revit.  Shallow curves are a bit harder.  You will need a couple of extra parameters and a formula or two.

This is the way that I do it.



Now I need to apply this to my nested modular system for doors.  In the host family, we have a wall and an Opening Cut.  In this case I added some loose geometry for the plaster surrounds.  It’s not totally loose, the extrusions are hosted on reference planes, and the sweeps are hosted on the extrusions, but it’s not a nested family.  I might…

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