A sneak peek at Dashers new Types By Level UI

This week has been a little crazy in terms of presentations. On Monday it kicked off with an internal project review followed by a presentation to a class of Masters students from the University of Southern California (it was a lunchtime session for them, so it was a late evening one for me).

It wrapped up yesterday with the generative design session for the Swiss Data Science Center, which despite a few technical hitches (not on my side, thankfully) seemed to go pretty well. I was told there were upwards of 400 attendees registered for the event, but I have no idea how many showed up for my session.

Anyway, after a busy week I’m very happy to be enjoying one more companywide holiday today: Autodesk granted a couple of these back in June, and we have another today. The company realises its employees are often working longer hours during the pandemic, and even if they’re not able to they’re feeling more than a little “Zoomed out”. It really is a great place to work (the…

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