AU 2020 material is in the bag, a few upcoming talks

This year has been strange at so many levels that it seems a bit petty to highlight one particular area. But preparing material for Autodesk University 2020 has certainly been one such area, and it’s very fresh in the mind of AU speakers around the world.

AU 2020 speaker banner

With this year’s event being all digital, it’s clear that the AU team had to find a way to get classes delivered remotely: one option would have been to live-stream them all, but at some point the decision was made to get everything pre-recorded for on-demand delivery. (On-demand classes are not the only way of experiencing AU 2020, of course: there are accompanying Q&A sessions, an online Answer Bar, keynotes, roundtables, etc.)

To give the AU technical team enough time to get everything posted for November 17th, the deadline for presenters to submit all their material was October 20th. This did present some logistics challenges, however: my own class (spoiler alert!) includes content from other teams that has been…

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