Floppy Friday #1 – Through the Interface

As promised at the beginning of the week, I’ve managed to record the first episode of Floppy Friday, where we sit down with my new old Commodore 64 and try to load whatever’s on a random floppy or two.

Floppy Friday #1

This “show” is going to be very bare-bones in terms of editing and effects (I don’t expect it to go viral and so need to limit my time investment) and is very likely to be hit or miss: in this episode we managed to see a loading screen for Hollywood or Bust, a cracked preview of Trailblazer, and completely fail to load Zac McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. So it goes!

If anyone out there has hints on getting the most out of my C64 – or streamlining the whole Floppy Friday process – then I’m all ears. Please post a comment via this blog, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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