Modeling Walls with Floors – landarchBIM

There are several downsides to modeling walls in a more complex landscape, including:

  • Sloped walls can only be created via profile editing, which is a fairly imprecise method
    • Landscape framework of design and layout tend to want to control where these happen in plan, so doing this in profile is often counter-intuitive
  • If you have sloped walls that also curve, profile editing isn’t even an option

A solution that I commonly use for both of these issues is to use Floors.

Floors are one of the most flexible modeling elements in Revit. And especially earlier in the modeling process, it can be very useful to use Floors to model a wide range of elements, including walls, stairs, boulders, etc.

Here is a basic sloped and curved wall, created from a Floor.

Here it is what it looks like in elevation- it has a sloping top and bottom. And the structure is set to 36″ thick.

If you want the bottom to be flat, and not sloped, there are a couple ways to achieve that. First,…

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