My new AI chairs – Through the Interface

After having talked about Autodesk Research’s collaboration with Philippe Starck and Kartell to create the world’s first mass-produced, generatively-designed (and made from 100% recycled material!) chair, I decided to buy one. Well, two.

As I mentioned in the talk I gave at the SDSC-Connect event, I didn’t find a way to get an employee discount, but I’m proud enough of the work done by my colleagues in Research to put more money than I would normally into a couple of plastic chairs. This almost certainly makes my presentation for the SDSC-Connect event the most expensive I’ve ever given, at least in terms of what I’ve paid to deliver it. 😉

Here they are:

AI Chairs

Here are a couple of pics of the booklet the chairs come with. Mentioning Autodesk, of course!

Booklet front

Booklet first page

Here’s a reminder of how the chair was generatively designed by the research team:

AI chair optimisation

Here’s the final output of the generative process:

AI chair generative

And here’s the final chair design after refinement by the Starck team:

AI chair final

As I wanted…

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