Something old, something new. Announcing Floppy Fridays!

The situation in Switzerland regarding the pandemic is looking bleak, at the moment (and no, yodelling isn’t helping). The number of cases per-capita is currently ahead of the US, and the critical infrastructure in my home canton is starting to get overwhelmed, hence us being put on “red alert”. I’m expecting our kids to be sent home any day now, but we’ll see what the authorities decide. Anyway, this has definitely been at the forefront of my thinking, of late, when it comes to what we’ll end up doing to keep busy during the upcoming confinement.

People who follow me on Twitter may have seen that a few weeks ago I invested in a “new” computer. On the main Swiss auction site (or at least the one I use from time to time) I stumbled across a “retro bundle” which comprised of a Commodore 64c computer along with various peripherals and a whole load of floppy disks.

Here are the photos from the auction posting:

Auction photos

Now the auction posting stated that while the computer…

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