Stair compliance – parametricmonkey

Compliance checking is an essential quality assurance process in architecture. Stairs, in particular, require specific attention as they are frequently responsible for non-compliance issues. All to often stairs are documented to meet minimum clearances but fail to account for construction tolerances. This oversight becomes incredibly problematic once on-site, especially if the stair is bounded by structural walls which can’t be modified.

To help issues such as this before they become problematic, Parametric Monkey has developed a Dynamo graph to check stair compliance. It is intended for preliminary compliance only, and a manual check is recommended to verify results. The graph runs on all stairs in the Revit model simultaneously and checks:

  • The maximum riser height;
  • The maximum going length;
  • The maximum number of risers per stair run; and
  • The minimum clearance between top rails if a railing is present.


Before running the graph, ensure all stairs to be…

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