The new Types By Level panel in Project Dasher

Over the last month or so we’ve been focused on the benefits brought to Project Dasher by combining 2D heatmaps with our traditionally 3D view of the world.

We started by creating 2D heatmaps, making them resizable, adding lots of them inside Dasher, and then making them pinnable per-level, before introducing the idea of overlaying building systems information, too. Most recently we took a sneak peek at the topic of today’s post, a new UI that simplifies access to these 2D (and 3D) heatmaps.

The idea came up during a team meeting: as we realised we had this combinatorial explosion between levels of a building and the sensor types available for surface shading – and that it was cumbersome to find the combination you wanted via multiple dropdowns – the suggestion was made to visualise these combinations graphically via some kind of stacked card UI. My friend and colleague Mike Lee had done some prototyping for a different project that used THREE.js to display a series of…

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