AU 2020 Digital Day 1

 AU 2020 Digital Day 1 started with me checking out a 30 minute virtual session of Using Revit to Design for Social Distancing: New Tools and How to Use Them this was a good session that discussed the People Flow toolkit. This presentation explained how this tool pushes the Revit travel path tool more.

Then can the AU General session and the AEC keynote. It was interesting to watch these sessions live with some of my co-workers. It was interesting because I was at home and they were in the office. Texting back and forth on things that were stated. Autodesk Build, Collaborate, Doc’s and Digital Twin. It was cool to see the Media workflow. That Generative scheduling tool of theirs really looked cool. After the AEC keynote I did miss the wall opening up to expose the Expo, maybe next year.

Love the Idea of OPEN STANDARDS

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