AU 2020 – Magical Mystery Tour – The BIMsider

This year I’m doing a technical demo session for #AU2020, of course, with it being 2020 it’s not going to be a normal AU session!

Lots of things will be different this year, to begin the majority of sessions or class have already been recorded and will all be released at once as “On Demand” sessions (750+ of them) starting Nov. 17th at 9:00 am Pacific time. There will still be live Keynote sessions, as well as Panel and Roundtable sessions that will also be live (350+ live sessions). The AU team has released a full schedule that you can search all of the sessions and bookmark them to future reference once the content is available starting Nov. 17th. You can find that scheduled HERE

So this is where my class fits in, it will be a session on Dynamo as the title suggests “Dynamo isn’t Magic but these Tips and Tricks might seem Magical”. Because it is an instructional demo it has already been recorded and will be available for viewing by all on Tuesday,…

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