Documenting stairs with Dynamo – Views, annotations & sheets

This tutorial explains the process of documenting stairs with Dynamo. Documentation is essential in not only describing to the contractor what to build but also as a verification process that it meets regulations. Typically for stairs, this process will involve creating a dedicated drawing series with detailed callout plans and sections. Although many stair elements are repeatable, the way that dimensions and tags are hosted to elements within Revit means that merely copying and pasting annotations isn’t always possible. The process, therefore, can become very time-consuming and typically engulfs a team member for many weeks.

To address this issue, Parametric Monkey has developed a Dynamo workflow to automate the stair documentation process. Five steps define the workflow – generating annotations for stairs both in plan and section by creating dimensions, number systems, spot elevations, stair run tags and minimum clearance zones. Each of those steps is described…

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