I’m going to tell a story.  It’s a history and a cartoon strip.  The main character is an institution called the Bank of England, but we are talking about the buildings that have housed this grand “Old Lady of Threadneedle Street” 

If you like the story, you can download it as a pdf at the end of the post.  The format is a cross between a graphic novel and a construction drawing.  This is all created in Revit.  The Grocers Hall is a separate, Linked File and the views are duplicates of each other with different Phase settings.  The grey buildings are in-place extrusions.  The churches and some phases of the Bank are loadable families with simplified representations of the basic massing.

This work is related to the Project Soane model on BIM360 (which recreates Soane’s Bank, as it was around 1830 just before he retired) but it does not make direct use of that model, which is still a “work in progress” although I have not had much time to progress it over the past…

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