Floppy Friday #2 – Through the Interface

With all the stress and anxiety in the world at the moment, it’s nice to unwind with an old school video game. In this week’s Floppy Friday we take a quick look at a couple of games – Nibbly ‘92 and Bubble Bobble. I used to play Bubble Bobble back in the day on my ZX Spectrum, but whatever skillz I may have once had have totally disappeared, as you’ll see. If you want to check out the previous episode, here it is. I’ve also created a playlist, in case you want to use you want to use it to watch future episodes as they come out.

I changed a few things, this time, in that I managed to set up a tripod holding my phone which allows a much better camera angle. I probably need to work on some of the screen colours – probably due to the lighting – but we’ll see about that next time. I also decided to show one “known” floppy (that I’d uncovered beforehand) and then one random one. In reality, though, I ended up going through a few randos before finding one that…

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