Floppy Friday #4 – Through the Interface

I wasn’t sure I’d find the time to record this week’s episode – what with Autodesk University 2020 being in full swing – but I also thought it might be a nice way to wind down after a hectic week. I hope all of you who attended this year’s AU found it useful (and even fun!) despite the constraints imposed by it being fully online. I’ll post something about how I personally think it went on Monday.

Anyway, this week’s Floppy Friday starts with a Star Trek graphic and theme tune, and then looks at a number of games found on a single floppy: Molecule Man, Highway Encounter and Paperboy. I also give an honorable mention to Sweevo’s World – although I don’t know how much honor is conveyed by me referring to it as Greebo’s World… I must have Star Wars on the brain after being thoroughly inspired by this amazing AU 2020 talk by Masa Narita.

Thanks again to Gavin Crump and Clint Brown for the feedback and…

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