Floppy Friday #5 – Through the Interface

During the last few days I went through and found a couple more floppies for this week’s Floppy Friday. The first contained Rastan, a game where you’re a barbarian warrior off on some kind of adventure. The second contained a game called Druid (although the loader referred to it as “Druids”, for some reason), which was heavily inspired by one of my arcade favourites, Gauntlet.

Anyway, here’s today’s episode. Enjoy!



I mentioned a couple of things in this episode: this week I managed to find a new joystick (in fact three of them!) which should arrive shortly.


I also mentioned I’m trying to resurrect my 1541 drive (right now I’m dependent on a 1541-II, which I’m not sure is working 100% perfectly). In order to do so, I picked up a few replacement chips that I’m hoping will help (at least that’s what this excellent troubleshooting guide indicated was worth trying. We’ll see!). I also went…

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