Generative Design in Revit – Have You Tried?

Generative Design in Revit

Learn how to use Generative Design to develop a restaurant layout.

What is Generative Design ?

Generative Design in Revit allows you to leverage Dynamo graphs to explore outcome-based solutions for your designs. You define criteria and constraints for the design problem. Then Generative Design uses this information to iterate many possible solutions, presenting them to you for further evaluation. When you decide on the optimal solution, click a button to integrate it into the model for further development.

What is Generative Design ?

Why should you use it?

Generative design allows you to explore many more possible solutions for a design problem than you could using other methods. The engine for a generative design study is a Dynamo graph, which provides the logic to integrate your design criteria and generate alternatives. Each Dynamo graph addresses a particular design problem. Revit provides several sample study types (graphs). You can also develop your own graphs to address your unique design challenges.


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