Halloween and 3D skeletons – Through the Interface

This year’s Halloween was destined to disappoint: we’d held out some hope until the 30th that the kids (which just means our youngest, at this point) would end up being able to go trick-or-treating in our village. Understandably – but disappointingly – the announcement came that any kind of trick-or-treating was off the cards for this Halloween.

Stricter rules about groups of people were also announced, but with effect from today. From today onwards any kind of public or private event can have a maximum of 5 people present. Given the acceleration of cases in Switzerland, this is completely appropriate. (To put things into perspective, we had 9,000 new cases for a population of 8.5 million. With that same proportion we’d be seeing 345,700 daily cases in a country the size of the USA. Gulp.)

As on Saturday we were still on the “maximum of 10” guideline, we decided to celebrate Halloween a little differently. We headed up into the hills just above Neuchatel and made a…

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