Inspiring Stories of Construction

Have a watch of these four inspirational stories of iconic construction projects that were featured this week at Autodesk University 2020.  

These Documentaries Will Transform How You Think About Construction

Building the Afsluitdijk

Building Nightingale

Learn how a passionate and integrated team of designers and contractors in the UK came together to build rapid response hospitals to support COVID-19 patients in only nine days.

Building The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design

Discover how a design and construction team reimagined sustainability and came together to build one of the most sustainable and energy net-positive buildings in the sweltering heat of the Southern United States.

Building Sydney Coliseum Theatre

See how a marginalized community is being brought back to life with the construction of a fresh and iconic entertainment venue using modern prefabrication techniques. 

Building the Afsluitdijk 

Understand how the urgency of sea-level rise and climate change…

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