Modeling Software Battle – Revit Vs SketchUp

Autodesk Revit and Trimble SketchUp are both immensely powerful software in their own way. Both are extremely popular with architects, but both are very different. Today, we will pit Revit vs SketchUp and see which is the 3D design software you really need.

To clear the air at the very beginning – Revit and SketchUp fall into two technically different categories of modelling programs. Revit is a BIM software, focused more on building information management. SketchUp, however, is entirely dedicated to modeling.

Overview of SketchUp and Revit

SketchUp created back in 2000 by @Last Software, and was later acquired by Google in 2006, and in 2012 it went under Trimble. It gained a lot of popularity with amateurs at the very beginning for it being free at the time, and for its easy user interface.

On the other hand, Revit was created even earlier than that, in 1997, by Leonid Raiz. It was intended for professionals at the get-go, and is intended for the all-encompassing…

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