My AU5K Yesterday in Portland Oregon

While the weather didn’t quite cooperate with me by delivering cold wet gray skies, I still rode about 10k instead of the 5k because it was fun riding along the rover and across bridges arriving at the Autodesk office. I’m considering doing more AU5k this week if the sun peeks out.

Join in the fun of the AU5k this week wherever you are and in the Autodesk University 2020 next week which is free and online this year.

My AU5k route in Portland, more of a lazy 10k for fun and photos.



One thing I realized, that I really miss my office colleagues and my office on the 5th floor looking out to Portland and the Willamette River.

Here is Jonathan Hand and his family doing their AU5k, complete with kids and sheep. Congrats Jonathan and family!


I can’t wait to see where you did your AU5k this year, and to see you in person once again next year.

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