Revit Stair-Floor Joins in Section

The inability of Stairs to properly join to floors (or other elements) in Revit has long been on the wishlist of things for Autodesk to fix.  Back in v2014, we were very excited when Autodesk included this in the list of enhancements to be released.  As per many recent Revit enhancements, this was only a partial improvement.

You can be the judge as to whether it was “fixed” but most Revit users are not even aware that anything changed in version 2014, such was the hit-and-miss nature of the improvement . . . .

Join Geometry – Stairs in Section

At the base of a stair, if a concrete monolithic stair sits on a concrete floor, you would expect to be able to join them, providing they are of the same material.

Well, you can  . . . .  sort of.  It only works if the stair base is sitting exactly on the slab . 

Join Geometry

The circumstances in which it works are limited, as you can see below:  

  • If the base of the stair overlaps the floor at all, it won’t work – the join is ignored.
  • OK,…

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