Winding down after AU 2020

Much in the same way as I felt a little tired last Monday – something I suggested on Twitter might be Pavlovian, as it wasn’t due to jetlag or travel-based fatigue – today has been another low energy day. (Typically the week after AU – and sometimes even longer – is a non-event for me, but this year there’s no good reason for it to be. I expect I’ll be back on top of things tomorrow.)

Anyway, it is a good opportunity to reflect back on last week’s “first of its kind” (and many of us are hoping “one of a kind”), all-digital Autodesk University.

Here are some thoughts on how things went:

The numbers

We ended up having 109,000 registrations for the event, which blew way past the target I’d heard of 60,000. The fact we could reach so many people around the world was simply amazing (even assuming the usual attendance drop off for a free event).

The keynotes

I thought the production of the first day’s keynotes was really good. I liked the studio atmosphere, the…

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